Cargo Ship In Bridge Collapse Collision

March 26, 2024

Cargo Ship In Bridge Collapse Collision

Tragically, a bridge in Baltimore has been completely destroyed this morning after being struck by a containership, leading to several vehicles and drivers falling into the river.

The vessel ‘Dali’, which sails under the Singapore flag, had just left the port of Baltimore when it collided with a column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge at around 1.30am local time. The bridge completely collapsed into the water, with up to 20 people plunging into the river with their vehicles.

The Baltimore Fire department have described the incident as a ‘mass casualty event’ and a multi agency rescue operation is underway. The vessel was enroute to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and collided with the bridge around 45 minutes after departing Baltimore.

The ship lost power and steering, but the crew managed to notify authorities of the potential disaster and further traffic entering the bridge was stopped just before the collision, which is believed to have saved many lives.

We very much hope for a successful rescue operation.

The below CCTV footage caught the incident.

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