China Ports Suffering From Equipment Shortages

May 21, 2024

China Ports Suffering From Equipment Shortages

Several Chinese ports are suffering from a severe shortage of container equipment, with Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Yantian amongst the worst affected.

While we recently reported the widespread capacity issues on ocean freight services from Asia, the container shortages have added another level of difficulty in getting FCL bookings accepted.

Market conditions are starting to mirror the challenging period that followed the outbreak of the pandemic, with carriers reportedly running out of equipment and 40 HC (High Cube) containers in particular.

The shortages have led to major disruption at several ports in Northern China, where carriers are often having to wait for the arrival of vessels to turnaround empty containers immediately for export.

There will inevitably be some disruption to services during the coming weeks, and unfortunately rates are once more rising steeply.

The Unique team are doing all that we can to secure space, but please be aware we are facing very challenging conditions. Therefore, we must request that clients try to book as early as possible to assist us in trying to avoid delays.

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