New Ship Attack The Most Damaging By Houthis

February 20, 2024

New Ship Attack The Most Damaging By Houthis

A missile attack on a British registered bulk cargo vessel in the Gulf of Aden this week is perhaps the most damaging during the Red Sea crisis.

The vessel ‘Rubymar’  was around 60 km south of the Yemen port of Mocha enroute to Djibouti, when the missile struck on Sunday night and its crew had to abandon ship. The vessel was reportedly taking on water when the 24 man crew were rescued by a passing container ship.

Houthi spokespeople have gone as far as to claim that the vessel has been sunk, but there are no official reports to confirm that.

The Houthis’ attacks have prompted carriers to stop using the critical Suez Canal waterway, which accounts for around 12% of global shipping trade, and route vessels around the Cape Of Good Hope. Despite UK and US and air strikes on military targets throughout Houthi-controlled regions of Yemen, the rebels are showing no signs of letting up their attacks on commercial shipping.

According to the Greek ministry, an incident in the Red Sea also saw a Greek flagged bulk carrier being the target of two missile attacks on Monday, and the Houthi’s are claiming they have made recent attacks on the vessels ‘Sea Champion’ and ‘Navis Fortuna’ in the Gulf of Aden, which are understood to be US owned cargo ships.


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