Protests May Lead To European Logistics Disruption

January 30, 2024

Protests May Lead To European Logistics Disruption

European farmers and truckers have been staging protests around the continent during the past week, which may lead to disruption on road freight and logistics routes if escalated.

French farmers blocked off a main route linking France with Spain on Friday with demonstrations held at the border. They are currently in the middle of a nationwide campaign of protests and rolling blockades in response to supermarkets attempting to force down prices, and also against European Union bureaucracy.

Protests have also spread across much of Germany, as farmers and truckers show their disapproval at the phasing out of tax breaks on agricultural diesel. They claim that these changes will will lead them to bankruptcy.

There is widespread discontent throughout the Europe Union over the revamping of EU policies, where farmers are suspicious of the EU’s plans to review and make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) more sustainable. Currently, over 70% of the funds are used to be a farmers safety net.

Demonstrations were also seen in Eastern Europe. Romanian farmers blocked highways with tractors and trucks on main routes last week, protesting against the high price of diesel, the EU measures, and competition from Ukrainian drivers.

Polish farmers also staged nationwide demonstrations against Ukrainian agricultural imports, while truckers have already been blocking borders for weeks to protest against Ukrainian competition.

If the protests escalate, or extend throughout Europe, then we’re likely to see more disruption to logistics services in the coming weeks. The Unique European Road Freight team will be monitoring the situation closely.

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