Red Sea Crisis Reaches New Low Point

March 7, 2024

Red Sea Crisis Reaches New Low Point

The Red Sea crisis reached a new low point this week, following the terrible news that three crew members have lost their lives during a Houthi missile strike in the Gulf Of Aden.

According to widespread reports, a further four crew members have been injured during the attack, three of them critically, which happened on Wednesday morning, leaving the vessel drifting and on fire.

The commercial bulk cargo vessel ‘True Confidence’, which is Greek operated, was targeted by Houthi Rebels around 50 nautical miles southwest of the Yemeni city of Aden.

The Houthi Rebel’s have since claimed responsibility while suggesting the crew had ignored warnings before the strike.

Earlier this week, another shipping casualty of a missile strike finally succumbed to the attack.  The vessel ‘Rubymar’, which had previously hit by two Houthi missiles on February 18th, eventually sunk after days of drifting and taking on water.

The sinking has now led to expert concerns that an environmental disaster could follow for the Southern Red Sea, since the bulk carrier’s cargo is understood to be ammonium nitrate fertilisers.

The situation in The Red Sea and Gulf Of Aden clearly remains hostile, which indicates it could be some time before container vessels return to the region.

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