Red Sea Ship Attacks Fail This Week

March 14, 2024

Red Sea Ship Attacks Fail This Week

Houthi Rebels have continued their resolve to disrupt shipping in the Red Sea this week, but their recent attacks on two vessels have failed to find their targets.

On Monday, the 4,944 TEU containership ‘Pinocchio’, was attacked by two anti-ship ballistic missiles launched from Houthi-controlled Yemen. The Sealead Shipping vessel had recently departed the port of Jeddah before being targeted in the Red Sea, but fortunately the missiles missed and the ship proceeded it’s journey unscathed.

In another attack on Tuesday, a US warship was also targeted by a close-range ballistic missile in the Red Sea, once more the missile failed to hit the ‘USS Laboon’  and no injuries or damage was sustained.

US military have responded to this week’s attacks by launching six strikes on Houthi-controlled Yemen. These resulted in the destruction of an unmanned underwater vehicle, two unmanned aerial systems, and 18 anti-ship missiles.

With attacks continuing, there seems to be no end in sight for services to resume through the Red Sea. The Unique team are monitoring ocean freight developments closely.

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