US Government Striding To Support Supply Chains

December 12, 2023

US Government Striding To Support Supply Chains

The US have now elevated supply chain resilience to the top tier of government, with the creation of new bodies to ensure focus remains high on avoiding some of the issues that have plagued the last few years.

A new White House Council for Supply Chain Resilience held its first meeting with several members of the US cabinet at the end of last month, scheduling an in-depth review for completion by the end of next year.

The US government now recognise that robust supply chains are fundamental to a strong economy and should help to reduce inflation. They have introduced over 30 new measures to eradicate supply chain issues, including the establishment of a Multimodal Freight Office and Supply Chain Resilience Centre.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a host of issues have disrupted logistics movements in the US. Ports, warehouses and railways had been heavily congested, truckers have been going out of business,  and recently the government had to intervene to stop labour disputes at ports, which had also hindered US supply chains.

The US government have also taken issue with both the alarming rise in ocean freight costs post pandemic, and the demurrage and storage charges incurred by importers caught up in the congestion.

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